Thursday, November 20, 2014

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Eight degrees this morning! We are in denial about temperatures reaching down to single digits this early in the season and hope our crops are too.  We still have a lot of growing to do this winter with lettuce, carrots, beets, turnips, kale, spinach, brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower still in the ground sizing for harvest. We sometimes question our sanity for pushing the crops this time of year, but it is oh, so worth it with the sweetness and the quality we get.  We have come to enjoy the fresh vegetables of winter so much that we hardly notice the numb fingers we get harvesting in these conditions! 
Fall Broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts alongside of seeded clover cover crop
In late September we hosted a farm tour, meeting and dinner sponsored by the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Resources and Education branch of the USDA and the West Virginia University Extension Service. The purpose was to show the folks what we do and how we do it with emphasis on encouraging others to grow more for local markets and use season extension. Many participants expressed appreciation for what they saw and learned here at Berea Gardens.
Lynnita prepared a fabulous, farm-fresh, plant based meal for our SARE guests. 
With the cold weather upon us we have some of our crops snuggled into their low and high tunnels.
We were recently granted the funds by the NRCS High Tunnel program to erect two new 20'X52' high tunnels to expand our production. We will be reimbursed for all of the cost of this project by a special USDA fund that is intended to encourage more local food production. This funding is even available to families that do not intend to grow for market. To see if you can qualify, use the link below.
For information about the NRCS High Tunnel Program click here
We have a new open pollinated, non-gmo heirloom grain corn variety now available on our website. Click here for details about our Boone County White, the most productive corn we have grown. Some single ears yielded 3/4 of a pound of grain
 A nice late-October lettuce crop on its way to market and the local schools
I have just returned from the first annual conference of the newly formed Adventist Agriculture Association held in Dickson, TN.  It was very well attended and seemed to provide a blessing for all.  Five days of meetings and training tracks covered topics of interest to home gardeners, market farmers and institutional program leaders. It was a huge success and you can watch the website for opportunities to purchase recordings of the meetings. 
With interest in agriculture training at a high point we have decided to offer our email Newsletter subscribers the opportunity to purchase our six DVD training set at a $20 discount.  This offer is only available through the link in this email below, but feel free to forward this to others that might be interested. The regular price through our website is $119.95  Our 6 DVD instructional video set  covers key principles about soil management, plant pathology, pest and weed control, and how to select and save seed. This set contains some of the core material taught in our week long on-site farm training program. Over 9 hours of instruction along with download study guides and printable lists of resources are included. The scientifically proven concepts and practices explained in these videos are the essential keys to your success in growing food, whether you are an experienced market farmer or just planting your first garden.  Everything taught in this series will work 100% of the time and is applicable anywhere on the globe. Gain the benefit of learning the most important lessons I have gleaned from over 45 years of highly professional agricultural experience to grow the most abundant and healthful food possible in ways that are safe for you, for your crops and for the environment.
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This is our schedule for 2015 and you my discover more about our on-farm training by clicking here.
We wish you all a joyous and blessed Thanksgiving.
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