Monday, January 8, 2018

Welcome 2018

It has been cold!  We have just endured the longest period of sub-freezing weather we have experienced since getting started here 8 years ago. The last time the thermometer registered above freezing was over two weeks ago. Still, we enjoy the bounty of the farm and the fresh harvest of Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Kale and Turnips. In spite of the cold, thoughts of spring planting are foremost in my mind. In a couple of weeks it will be time to fill the plug trays with seed once again to start our next cycle. We have all kinds of good things in our planting plan including some trials of a number of new open-pollinated varieties that are very promising.  

Our On-Farm Training Session schedule for 2018 is finalized and we encourage any of you that would like to get the benefit of our decades of experience and expertise in growing the most productive and nutritious produce to consider participating. You can find details about what is offered on our website here.

If you want some of the benefit of our training but can't make it to our farm, AudioVerse Advance now offers our Food Grower's Guidelines; An Expert's Viewmaterial on their training site. It consists of over nine hours of principle based agriculture instruction that can aid anyone from first-time gardeners to experienced market farmers. You can also order this series in a six-set DVD case or see a preview on our website if you prefer a hard copy for yourself.

Pastor Dave Westbrook sharing horse tales at the 2010 meetings.

We hope you are all well, making your intelligent seed selections from all of the catalogs flooding our mailboxes, and looking forward to a great new gardening season.  Let's all keep striving for food sovereignty this year. It is an amazing blessing.

Bob and Lynnita

Next week we will be heading to Glen Rose, Texas for the 4th annual Adventist Agriculture Association Conference. I have been asked to give a keynote address on Wednesday evening and will again be teaching a couple of classes along with dozens of other presenters on a wide range of agriculture topics. This organization was inspired out of meetings that were initiated by the late Bob Jorgensen, an amazing historian of Adventist education and its roots in agriculture. The first agriculture-specific meetings were held right here at Berea Gardens back in 2009 and 2010 when we hosted about 150 guests from around the country. Since then, the Dysinger family at Bountiful Blessings Farm in Tennessee has worked with dozens of others to develop the AdAgra group and has expanded the influence into a large organization with many hundreds of supporters. Lynnita and I are looking forward to seeing many of our friends and people of like-minded interest this year. The theme is "Something Better" and an agrarian lifestyle surely is.

Humble beginnings for agriculture meetings in our gym building from 2010.

We will have a limited quantity of our heirloom seed available again on our website when we return from the meetings in Texas. We will be taking our inventory with us to share with the folks there, but the remainder will be available for online orders after February 2.

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